We’d like to introduce you to MiniPops, our newest collection feature!

This is how it works: Sit at your favorite game and start spinning to fill the progress bar.

*** If your bet is not high enough you will not gain progress.

Once the progress bar is full, you will earn :

To spin on the Gem Spinner!

Spin on the Gem Spinner and earn Gems, Super Gems and chips.

Get Super Spins and increase your chances to collect Super Gems!

Three bonus symbols trigger the bonus, where you pick one bonus token to win your chip prize.

Use your Gems and Super Gems to unlock a MiniPop of your choice - The first one is on us!

  • Now you can use your Gems and Super Gems to accessorize and upgrade your MiniPop.
  • Upon completion of your MiniPop - you will win your prize instantly!
  • Complete additional MiniPops for more prizes!

And don’t forget, the choice is yours - complete whichever MiniPop you like the best!

Have a go! Start collecting your MiniPops - the first spins are on us!

***To move to your next Mini Pop, you will swipe the box until it's in the center, it will then show you how many gems you need to unlock it. ****

Each Mini Pop event is unique and progress including spins and gems is not saved between each event.