When you purchase chips, they almost always credit your account immediately. If you make a purchase and do not immediately see your balance increase, please first force close the app and reopen. Usually the chips will drop right in.  However, in some instances, the app stores can take up to 24 hours to deliver a purchase, even after money has been deducted from your account. After 24 hours, if the chips have not been delivered, please send in a support ticket so we can investigate further. To help us better assist, please provide the following information: 
1. Your Support Code (This can be found in the settings menu in your game) 
2. The original transaction receipt from your app store that includes the transaction number, amount paid, and time of purchase. 
3. The amount of chips to be purchased. 
Please allow the purchase 24 hours to credit before writing in to allow time for the app store to process your purchase.