What is myVEGAS Heist?

myVEGAS Heist is an exciting new feature where you'll work to earn keys and unlock vaults with massive chip prizes!

How do I collect Keys?

There are three different vaults, all with different keys to unlock the corresponding vault: The Bronze, Silver, and Gold vaults. One key of each level can be earned every day (resetting at 00:00 Pacific Time) with a total of 7 keys per tier each week. 

Bronze keys are obtained by logging in and are collected with the Daily Bonus.

Silver keys are obtained by completing daily missions for the Mission Chase. 

Gold keys are obtained by making a qualifying purchase each day. 

How do I open the vault? 

Every Sunday starting at 00:00 (Pacific Time) is Heist Day. On Heist Day, you can open vaults by tapping on the Heist Icon in the Lobby. Here you'll use your keys to open the vault. Only 1 key each week will open the vault, so to guarantee the prize, it's best to collect all 7! Make sure to collect your final keys on Sunday and open before time runs out. At 00:00 Monday (Pacific Time), the heist will reset. 

What kind of prizes can I win?

Successfully opening the vault can award some great prizes, ranging from Chips to other mystery prizes which can include Free Spins or Stickers!