myVEGAS Album

What are Albums? 

Albums are a feature in myVEGAS Mobile that will allow you to finish pages in the Album by collecting stickers. Finishing these pages will award great chip prizes!

How do Albums work?

Albums is a seasonal feature allowing you to collect stickers by playing the game or buying packs! You can collect stickers from spinning, participating in events, purchasing, and recycling other stickers. Each album will have multiple pages with each consisting of 10 stickers  of different rarities. Once you complete a page, you receive a prize! Also, the more rare a sticker  you collect is, the larger prize it will award! 

Recycling stickers? What is that?

While playing myVEGAS, you may come across duplicate stickers. These stickers will automatically be converted into Star-Dust. Once enough Star-Dust has been collected, you'll receive either a new sticker pack or a chip reward!Magic Dust Logo

What happens when a season ends? 

When a season ends, the album will expire and will not be able to collect any additional stickers. Also any unopened sticker packs will also be lost. 

Sounds fun! How do I play?

To check out your Album, head to the Lobby. A new Album button has been added to the bottom bar. You can access the feature through there or by tapping on the Album card logo in-game.