To recover an account, simply connect your game to the same Facebook or Apple account you connected with previously. These steps should help you recover your account:

- Sign out of Facebook or Apple in our app if logged in by tapping the gear in the top right, then DISCONNECT. If not logged in, skip this step.
- Restart the App and use the Facebook or Apple icon to sign in again.
- Login with the correct Facebook or Apple account.

If that does not work, please follow these steps as well for Facebook connected games:
- For Facebook, make sure PLAYSTUDIOS games are not blocked on Facebook. You can view these settings by going to this link:
- Log Out of Facebook in all PLAYSTUDIOS Apps
- Clear the cache/data for any PLAYSTUDIOS Apps on your device.
- Log out of Facebook on any other apps on your device.
- Uninstall the Facebook app.
- Clear the cache/Data of the Facebook app on your device.
- Make sure your default browser can accept cookies.
- Clear the cache and cookies on your browser.
- Open Pop Slots and log in via the correct Facebook account.

If you're still unable to log in with the correct Facebook account, their support team can assist you in logging in with the correct credentials and recovering your account. You can reach out via their help center at