Currently, myVEGAS is on three platforms; Facebook, Mobile, and at

The myVEGAS Classic experience can be found on Facebook. This will have all the original features such as building the Strip, sharing your daily spins with your friends, and many of our classic games. This game is a standalone product and does not share your chips stack or individual game progress with the other versions of the game (Though your Rewards points will be synced if you're logged in with the same account). The events and games features will generally be different from the Mobile and versions as well.

The other version of myVEGAS can be found on or on the Apple, Google, and Amazon App Stores. This version of the game has all the newest and greatest features. It receives a new game generally once a month, and has daily in-game events to keep things fresh! There are also features such as Clubhouse" and Albums. Clubhouse works in tandem with our daily tasks. Actively participating in Clubs is a great way to earn big Chip prizes.

The mobile and version of the game also has another great feature that they share your game data. Your chips and game progress will be shared between the two as long as you're logged in with the same Facebook account (logging in at with Apple is a planned feature for a future update). This means you can play myVEGAS on your desktop, then pick up where you left off on your mobile device.

Lastly, there will be some differences in games between all 3 version. While they all share many of the same games, many of the older games can only be found on myVEGAS Classic. The newer games will generally be found on myVEGAS Mobile and Also, because of technical limitations, there are a few games on myVEGAS mobile which are unavailable on such as Watch What Happens Live, The Munsters, and a few others.

While this isn't an exhaustive list of the differences between the games, it covers most of the major points. Our development teams at PLAYSTUDIOS are working hard to bring the best slots action you can find without having to leave your couch (or desk), and we all hope you'll give every version of myVEGAS a try!