Clubs are an exciting new feature in myVEGAS that will allow people to play together to achieve large goals and rewards.

Currently the Clubs feature is still in beta testing. Because of this, it may not be available to every player and some features may not be available. As the Clubs are tested and rolled out to our community more features will become active.

To participate in Clubs, tap on the Club option at the bottom of the screen and join any clubs that are available with open slots. Currently clubs can only have 10 members.

Once you join a club, you'll see your "Club Goals" at the bottom of the screen. This is where you'll see how to earn Personal points and Club points. These can be earned by completing the daily mySTRIP pedestrian missions.

After you earn enough Club and Personal points, you can unlock great chip prizes. Your personal points will unlock each level of Vault, and the Club points will unlock the corresponding key. Unlock the same level/color Vault and Key to earn a prize! Your Club and personal points will reset weekly, so make sure to complete those Daily Missions and unlock your Vaults!

You can also leave a Club and join a new one at anytime (as long as there's an available slot). To leave a club; tap on the Clubs icon on the bottom of the screen. Once the Clubs main lobby window pops up, tap on the arrow below the club's name followed by "Leave Club". Keep in mind leaving a club will cause all your club points to reset for the week.