How do I purchase a reward?

Rewards are real-life experiences that you can purchase with your Loyalty Points. They include cruises, hotel room discounts, comps for delicious meals and buffets, and tickets to the hottest Las Vegas shows!

To purchase a reward, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Make sure your account is connected with Facebook or AppleID. Keep in mind that only 1 account can be connected to a single Facebook or AppleID.
Step 2: Read each reward's entire description and Terms and Conditions to ensure it works with your plans. Some rewards have stay requirements (like a minimum of one or more non-comped nights), are only valid for limited periods, or may be non-refundable. Rewards cannot be refunded once booked or redeemed.
Step 3: Put in the name on your legal photo ID and your preferred email address. These should also match the name and e-mail on your MGM Rewards account if you have one (case sensitivity applies).
*If you receive an error saying "Email already in use, it means that you have a duplicate game account with that email address on file for Facebook, AppleID, or rewards. Reach out to us with the email address and support code from your game and we can look into this and help you out.
**Once you redeem a reward under a name and email address that myVIP Rewards account cannot be renamed or used by another person.
Step 4: Review the confirmation email sent to you. It will have the description, Terms and Conditions, and specific redemption instructions.
Step 5: Enjoy your real-world rewards! We work very closely with our partnered brands to provide valuable ways to reward you for the time you spent having fun on our games.
If you have any issues or questions about this process, please don't hesitate to create a support ticket.