If your account information is incorrect when logging in, it's likely you were playing on a different account.

If you had connected your Facebook or Apple ID previously, you can log back into that account to restore your progress.

As a reminder, PLAYSTUDIOS has strict terms regarding multiple accounts. Accounts can only be synced to a single Facebook or Apple ID so if your account was anonymous (not connected to Facebook or Apple ID) and you attempted to connect to an account that was previously linked, that account will be logged in and your anonymous information will be lost. Due to our Terms of Service, information between accounts cannot be transferred, duplicated, or merged.  

Please note that if at some point you had created a new Facebook or AppleID with the same email address or phone number that was used previously, this will not recover your account as that creates a new profile with a different ID number.

If your Facebook account or Apple ID was lost, locked, or deleted it is recommend to contact them at the links below about trying to recover your account. You can reach out via their help centers below: