Most issues when collecting chip links arise when trying to collect on a mismatched account.

This is generally caused when the account you’re collecting on isn’t the same as the primary email used on your game account. Also, If you have been collecting links from 3rd party sites such as Peoples Gamez Gift Exchange, My Vegas Advisor, etc… you will not be able to collect those chips again as these are duplicate links.

That said, here are some other troubleshooting steps which can resolve issues when collecting chip links:

- Verify that cookies are enabled on your default browser.
- Check that you're collecting the Chips for the correct game and that you have the game installed.
- Make sure your game is connected to the correct Facebook/AppleID account prior to collecting the chips.
- Force close your game before clicking on the link
- Update your game, email app, and Facebook app before attempting to redeem.
- Update the default mode by going to Settings -> Safari -> "Request Desktop Website" and toggle it to off.  (Apple Devices)
- Try opening the game from the app store if you're directed to it.

Finally, If you need our CS team to update your email address and make sure you’re subscribed, please submit a  request and we’ll be able to help.