Most errors when trying to collect are caused by a mis-match in accounts. This is generally a result of the email account receiving the chip email isn't matching the primary email that's logged in.

Below are some general troubleshooting steps which can resolve this issue for future chip offers:

- Make sure your game is linked to the same account as to where the email was sent to.
- Verify that cookies are enabled on your default browser.
- Check that you're collecting the Chips for the correct game.
- Make sure your game is connected to the correct Facebook account prior to collecting the chips.
- Close your game before clicking on the link
- Update your game, email app, and Facebook app before attempting to redeem.
- Update the default mode by going to Settings -> Safari -> "Request Desktop Website" and toggle it to off.  (Apple Devices)
- Try opening the game from the app store if you're directed to it.

If you've changed/deleted Facebook or Apple ID accounts at some point, contact customer support for assistance as creating a new account, even with the same email address will cause this error to occur.