Have you ever wanted to play myVEGAS on your PC or Mac? Well now you have the opportunity at myVEGAS.com!
Here are some general answers regarding myVEGAS.com:

What is myVEGAS.com?

myVEGAS.com is web version of our popular game, myVEGAS! Going to this site, you can play on your account and experience all of the slot fun from your PC or Mac! Logging in, you can play on a mirror of your current myVEGAS mobile account.

How do I log in?

To login, go to myVEGAS.com and click on the "Login" button. You'll be prompted to enter your facebook login information. As long as you login with the same Facebook account that's used to log into the mobile app, you'll see your account and be able to spin like you normally would on your small screen.

Can I login with AppleID?

Currently AppleID Login is not supported for myVEGAS.com but that is something our development teams are working to add in the future.

What's different on myVEGAS.com?

Very little is different between the mobile and web experience.
First you'll see is a slight change in how to interact with the app in the lobby. Instead of swiping with your finger, you'll click and hold the mouse button, then slide from side to side. You can also swipe in the main lobby, rewards lobby, and HRR Lobby by clicking on the slider bar beneath the game/reward cards and dragging it from side to side.
The other big change is a few games which are on mobile are not currently available on myVEGAS.com because of technical limitations. The games currently unavailable on myVEGAS.com are :
  • Brides Maids
  • el SEÑOR de los CIELOS
  • Kong The 8th wonder of the world
  • The Munsters now with lightning lab
  • Watch what happens live

How do I purchase rewards on myVEGAS.com?

Rewards can be purchased on myVEGAS.com just like if you were purchasing them on the mobile app! For information on how to take advantage of our rewards program, it is recommended to check out the rewards section in our FAQ.

How do I purchase chips on myVEGAS.com?

Purchasing chips on myVEGAS.com is a very similar process to purchasing on mobile. The major difference is that our sales are handled through the third party company Xsolla instead of Google, Apple, or Amazon.
We're super excited to be showing you this great new addition to myVEGAS and all of us at Playstudios hope you enjoy this new way to spin! 🎰