Due to the increased amount of cancellation requests, it is recommended to attempt to self-cancel your rewards if possible to avoid delays.
Most rewards contain a self-cancel button. To try this please go to the Game Lobby and tap on your myVIP Rewards Wallet. This will bring up a list of your purchased rewards. Tap on "View" then scroll to the bottom of the description page. At the bottom, an option to cancel should be available. Tap "Cancel" and confirm your decision and it should be canceled!
If the option to cancel is not available, please submit a support request with the reward code(s) you'd like to have canceled. If the reward has not been redeemed, expired, and is refundable we will be happy to assist.
Please keep in mind that most reward cancellations will refund the LP immediately, but there can be times when your app will need to be force closed and restarted to see the update to your LP amount. On some occasions, the refund can take up to 24 hours to show on your account.