Welcome to Powers of the Nile!

Come on a trip down the Nile and tap into the powers of the Ancient Egyptian Gods in the newest game on myVEGAS: Powers of the Nile!



Urn Collections

Use the power of urns to unlock the power of the Ancient Gods! Collecting 6 urns will being Free Spins!

Collect one of each Urn of each rarity to win the Pharoah's jackpot! Higher bets mean greater chances of finding rarer urns!

Rare Urns Multiply Wins by 2x

Ultra Urns Multiply Wins by 5x

Free Spins

Bast - Adds wilds with a win multiplier

Anubis - Adds a connected chain of WILD symbols

Sobek - All spots with a gold border will have the same randomly chosen symbol

Hathor - Spin until you win with increasing multiplier after each spin!

Ra - Winning Symbols lock in place. Keep spinning as you lock more winning symbols.

  • There are 40 paylines.
Seek the ancients and let them shower you with glory and riches in Powers of the Nile!