1. Click on the reward and read through the details, terms, and limitations. Often there is an expiration date associated with the reward -- the reward must be used by that date (e.g., if it is a reward for a free room, you must book that room before the reward expires).  Some dining or Freeplay offers require a room stay. Review the reward carefully before you purchase to make sure it will meet your needs.

2. Once you decide to purchase the reward, you will receive a redemption code. Don't worry, it is sent to your email as well as a copy of all of the reward details and the number to call in order to book. Please follow these instructions to use the reward.

3. When purchasing your reward, first make sure your account is connected via facebook or Apple ID. When purchasing, you'll be prompted to enter a name and email address. This information must match the name and email on your Mlife account (or your valid ID if you've yet to create an Mlife account). Rewards can only be redeemed by the player who earned them and are non-transferable. If you enter in another persons name on your first reward purchase, that person becomes the permanent owner of the account and we will not be able to change the name once your Rewards account is established.

We at PLAYSTUDIOS are working in tight partnership with MGM Resorts and our other partners to make sure that the reward redemption process is as smooth as possible. If you do run into an issue with rewards, we're here to help!