Our rewards are restricted by terms and conditions set by our partners. You can view these terms and conditions by tapping on the Reward you'd like to purchase, then tapping "Learn More". Most rewards will also have a Terms and Conditions button in this section which can be tapped to go into greater detail about the reward.

Some Las Vegas rewards will state "This reward has been reserved for our players who reside outside of Las Vegas, Pahrump, Mesquite, Laughlin, and Boulder City" or that residents of Clark County are not eligible, which means residents of these cities will not be able to purchase or redeem these rewards.

These terms are set by our Reward Partners and not by PLAYSTUDIOS.  We work closely with our partners to make sure we have a wide variety of enticing rewards available to all of our players. Some of these rewards come with certain restrictions, though, and may not be available to players while in Las Vegas. Regardless of your location, you should have access to a rich set of offerings across all categories.